The Mojo Fins – The Sound That I Still Hear LP


The Mojo Fins have been making music since the early noughties, a band who have always treated their “art” with the uptmost care – a serious band, making serious music – and their debut album is a big statement of intent.

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“The stellar chime pop instincts of the Sundays, the careering melodic disjointedness of the Go-Betweens, the sadcore sophistication of Red House Painters…all in one band? Truly. Brighton’s The Mojo Fins are a remarkable proposition, and this is a desert island disc of a debut.” ROCK SOUND MAGAZINE

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1. ‘First Conversation’
2. ‘In The Script’
3. ‘Always Now’
4. ‘At The Controls’
5. ‘West With You’
6. ‘Not The Victim’
7. ‘Oh Vincent’
8. ‘Between Stations’
9. ‘Final Correspondence’
10. ‘Trick Of Light’
11. ‘Say Something’
12. ‘Meet Me At The Pictures’

Release Date: 13th April 2009
Formats: CD
Catalogue Number: AMAZCD19
Publishers: Amazon Music Ltd. / Licensed courtesy of Amazon Records

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