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We’re thrilled to announce that our refreshed website is now live. We hope you like its new modern look and feel as we’ve created it to allow you to quickly and easily find the information you need.

It is the first stop for everything to do with Brightonsfinest Presents, whether our record label or the events we organise. Have a look around; see what we are up to, check out the acts we have and will be doing releases with, the compilations we have put together and what events we are putting on. This is also the best place to buy our records, merchandise and tickets from the Brightonsfinest Presents Shop.

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Out now: Brightonsfinest Volume 2 compilation

Brightonsfinest Volume 2 is the second album in a new series of compilations released on the Brightonsfinest Presents record label. Whereas Volume 1 was dedicated to artists who were very closely associated with the city of Brighton, Volume 2 features newest and best emerging artists to come from the UK – all who have been reviewed on the Brightonsfinest publication, or interviewed on the Brightonsfinest Radio Show. This compilation is now available as a double-vinyl record and digital release, featuring 21 tracks (see bellow) of the most prominent and exciting bands from 2017. Find out more and buy it here.

Side A
1. Blossoms – ‘At Most A Kiss’
2. The Amazons – ‘Junk Food Forever’
3. Sundara Karma – ‘Loveblood’
4. Spring King – ‘Who Are You’
5. Temples – ‘Born Into The Sunset’
Side B
1. The Big Moon – ‘Cupid’
2. Clean Cut Kid – ‘Pick Me Up’
3. Circa Waves – ‘Different Creatures’
4. Tigercub – ‘Control’
5. Yak – ‘Smile’
Side C
1. The Wytches – ‘C Side’
2. Honeyblood – ‘Ready For The Magic’
3. Vant – ‘Do You Know Me’
4. Menace Beach – ‘Suck It Out’
5. Formation – ‘A Friend’
6. Gaps – ‘Shatter’
Side D
1. Blaenavon – ‘I Will Be The World’
2. Palace – ‘Break The Silence’
3. The Hundredth Anniversary – ‘Pour’
4. Beachbaby – ‘Limousine’
5. Happyness – ‘Uptrend Style Raids (Edit)’