Aka Paperboy

“The thing we’re most happy about in this song [‘In The Morning’] is how we’ve managed to create such a drastic change between the playfulness of the verse and the strength of the chorus. We’re confident that our next release will be even better, but this single is arguably our best recording so far.” AKA PAPERBOY



Brighton based five-piece Paperboy have been playing together since 2013. From their early origins in reggae and ska they have morphed into a more soulful group. While maintaining those early influences they have now forging a new and original style.

Charlie Marshall – Lead Vocal
Natty Wilby – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Milo McKinnon – Keys, Melodica, Trumpet, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Max Ellery – Bass, Backing Vocals
Ollie Noble – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals



‘In The Morning’ single

Released 20th July 2016 on digital.



Other Media

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