12 Stone Toddler - Does It Scare You?

Album: 12 Stone Toddler - Does It Scare You?
Release Date:

Track Listing
1 Comeback 2:29
2 Candles On The Cake 3:06
3 Twang 3:30
4 Daddy Was A Bad Mother 3:13
5 The Rabbit 3:54
6 Precious Cargo 4:28
7 Balloonatics 3:38
8 Fingers In The Till 4:14
9 Living A Lie 4:03
10 10 Thousand Miles 2:56
11 Tragic Comedy 3:39
12 Ballad Of Al Coholic 4:45
13 Timbuktu 3:18

Highly original, musically outrageous, stylistically uncompromising, very spontaneous, but also very tight,
Brighton's 12 Stone Toddler are a synthesis of all that's good about contemporary adventurous rock music. And if
12 Stone Toddler stagger from one musical reference point to another they do it is with a self-confident swagger
born of an interdependent musical excellence, matched only by some.

Current Members
Chris Otero (vocals and bass)
Ben Jones (keyboards)
Helen Durden (guitar)
Robin O'Keeffe (drums)

Previous members
Randall Breneman
Tristan Mclenehan
Ru Garvey (guitar)
Pat Garvey, Olly Crowther
Aaron Charles (drums)

Record Label: Brightonsfinest Presents
Artist: 12 Stone Toddler
Album: Does It Scare You?
Publishers: Amazon Music Ltd.
Licensed courtesy of Brightonsfinest Presents
Catalogue Number:
Barcode: 5065002122117
Release Date: 2017
Formats: Vinyl & Digital